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It has already been one month since I first created this blog! I am trying to improve it. Do you have any ideas? leave a feedback

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Devsurvival User Guide

Hieu Nguyen · March 26, 2020 · 2 min read



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Devsurvival Starter Guide

devsurvival user guide

Welcome to devsurvival ! This quick user guide will get you up to speed with the website in no time

Leaving a comment

  1. Click on one of the available posts
  2. Click on discussion
  3. Enter your name , email, and comment and hit comment
  4. Please don’t spam the discussions.
  5. Be thoughtful and make constructive comments. It is ok to say “I like the post” or “Cool”.

You want some emojis?

I got you. Type one of the following tags into the comment section.

Tags Emoji
#smile 😀
#laugh 😂
#pray 🙏
#thumbsup 👍
#fire 🔥
#thinking 🤔
#crying 😭

📓 complete list of emojis (you can also request new ones to be added)

Edit Suggestion

At devsurvival, you can make edit suggestions to a post. Follow the instructions below to make an edit suggestion:

  1. Select a post.
  2. Click the Edit Icon on the tool bar located on the left side
  3. Enter your name, email, and a suggestion to the author.
  4. hit submit
  5. you are all done! You will be notify of the author’s response by email

Submitting Guest Blog

click here for instructions on submitting guest blog.

Quick Access Tools

located on the left side bar is a set of icons under Tools to help you navigate

Last Few Words

Have fun and hopefully you learn something while you were here with us. Educating or at least an attempt to do so is the reason why I created this blog.

Hieu Nguyen - Founder of I am also a video gamer, a full stack developer, and an anime lover. I'm also an advocate of teaching others how to code.