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It has already been one month since I first created this blog! I am trying to improve it. Do you have any ideas? leave a feedback

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Writing For Devsurvival

Hieu NguyenMarch 27, 2020 1 min read



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devsurvival guest blog

Why write on devsurvival?

Hi. Thanks for coming to devsurvival. This is a new blog where you can submit writing about technology and more. The community is kinda small right now, but with your help, it can grow!

Some Little Rules

Please make sure your blog follows the criteria below:

  1. Contains a title and cover image.
  2. Unlike other blogging platform, devsurvival does not concern with your grammar and spelling skills 馃槈 as long as the readers can understand what you are trying to say.
  3. Code block must be correctly formatted.
  4. Content must be useful or fun to read by at least one other person besides yourself.

Submitting Blog

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Hieu Nguyen - Founder of I am also a video gamer, a full stack developer, and an anime lover. I'm also an advocate of teaching others how to code.