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The Power Of Bookmarking Websites

Hieu Nguyen · April 11, 2020 · 1 min read



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What is Bookmarking?


Bookmarking is the practice of saving a website to your browser for easy access at a later time. On Google Chrome, there is usually a star at the end of the URL bar that lets you bookmark the current page. Pretty straight forward, but it is one of the most under-appreciated feature.

Why you should start Bookmarking

Bookmarking allows you to quickly save a website, so you can look at it later like an interesting article that you want to read later. You can bookmark your most visited sites, such as Youtube or Twitter. People tend to visit these sites with high frequency throughout the day, and being able to directly go to them with a click of a button can be a time saver.

Please save yourself from a carpal tunnel by clicking that star to save the website. Otherwise, bookmark your frequently visit websites so you can avoid the common habit of doing a google search every time… Cmon, we have all been there. Me: trying to get to Youtube

  1. typing “yout” in the URL bar
  2. waiting for the google search algorithm to do its things
  3. its done finally! (Click the first Youtube result)

Bookmarking on Steroid

Are you convinced yet? Bookmarking in its simplest form is great, but what if you have hundreds of websites? Start grouping websites into directories! This is where the true power of bookmarking lies in. Organizing related websites into folders allows you to quickly and intuitively find a website you are looking for. For instance if I was looking for a website I bookmarked about a hackathon, I can intuitively go into my bookmark directories : code -> hackathon ->

bookmarking folders

It might be cumbersome or even pointless to do it this way, but at least give it a try 🙏. I had some doubts when I first started, but the investment was totally worth it now 😄

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