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Blogging As A Learning Tool

Hieu Nguyen · April 09, 2020 · 2 min read



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What is Blogging?


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This question has probably been answered a thousand times, but I will answer it from the perspective of a computer science student which might differ a little bit with the conventional views.

Besides being a great tool for sharing new ideas or maybe passing along some useful information. Blogging can also serve as a learning tool for the writer themselves. Just consider what is going on inside the blogger’s mind when they are writing. For instance, if you were writing a blog about how to build a website, you first have to know how to do it yourself. Once you know how to do it, your next challenge is to formulate how you are going to deliver it to the audience. Some questions you might ask:

  • How should I break down the problem?
  • What are some questions or challenges that my audience will have if I wrote it this way?
  • Can I simplify it even further to enhance understanding?
  • Will this information be overwhelming?
  • If I was in their shoes, what would I wish the author could have done better?
  • Can some people see the value in reading this post?

These are not all the questions going through the bloggers mind, but it paints a pretty good picture of the thinking process.

How Does Blogging Helps You Learn?

There is a common understanding that a true expert of anything can explain their topic to even the most unintelligent of us. This concept is called The Protégé Effect, the act of teaching someone else as a mean to learn. Sounds selfish, but it works. I have practiced this method multiple times when learning a new programming skill, and I must confess that I am a better programmer because of it.

What’s Next?

The next time you confront a new learning challenge, write about it and try to teach it to someone else!

What If I am Wrong?

Before becoming a blogger, I always had some reservations about how other people would react. However, I learned that a blog is the best place to make a mistake 😄 When you are wrong about something people are quick to point out your mistakes, and you as the writer, should take those criticisms and feedbacks and improve from them!

Happy Blogging 🌟 😃 🌟!

Hieu Nguyen - Founder of I am also a video gamer, a full stack developer, and an anime lover. I'm also an advocate of teaching others how to code.