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Web Dev Bootcamp ∙ Learn Bash

Hieu Nguyen · May 06, 2020 · 1 min read



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What is Bash?

Bash is a command terminal where you can type in some command and your operating system will execute the command

Here is what a typical bash looks like bash

Common Bash Commands


List all directories and files in a directory



Changing directories

cd myDirectoy
cd directory1/directory2/...

you can also navigate into multiple nested directories by typing a forward slash followed by the directory name

you can also go back one directory by typing cd ..


Making new directories

mkdir myNewDirectory


creating files

touch index.js


removing files and directories

rm index.js
rm myDirectory

Note: you can only use rm myDirectory if the directory is empty.

To delete the directory including all files and sub directories inside of it use rm -rf myDirectory

More Information

there are a lot of commands, but these are the ones that you will probably used the most often

here is a good resource to learn more

What’s Next?

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